This elegant and beautiful Emilio Pucci scarf you can wear as a neck scarf, a belt, head scarf or tied around your bag. This scarve can be worn in a variety of ways: as head coverings, shawl, accent pieces, and even as garments. They can be tied, pinned with a piece of jewelry, or secured with specially designed accents.


Emilio Pucci scarf emilio pucci emilio pucci

emilio pucci emilio pucci emilio pucci


Emilio Pucci (1914 – 1992) was both Italian designer and a politician. His life story is quite unusual for a fashion designer. Born in one of the oldest and noble Florence families, he was a sportsman and was part of the Olympic team, during the Second World War he was a bomber pilot, was friendly with the Mussolini’s regime and designed even for NASA. His first clothes were designed for the skiing team. The first fame he received was in 1947, when one of his designs was noticed by a Harper’s Bazaar photographer. Several American clothing makers made offers to Pucci for his designs. Right now Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy owns the majority of Pucci brand.  Pucci boutiques are located globally and you can buy Pucci articles also online.




Pucci scarves have great prints, lots of colors and great wearability. Pucci silk scarves cost from 70 USD to 800 USD. Pucci scarf can be also bought online. Pucci scarves are one of the best among designer silk scarves; these scarves are very elegant and beautiful. The color range is quite extensive; you can find a silk square scarf or foulard in pink, turquoise, gray color or any other color you would like. Buying Pucci scarf is a purchase you will not regret.




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