This charming and elegant Ferrei silk scarf you can wear as a neck scarf, a belt, head scarf or tied around your bag. This scarve can be worn in a variety of ways: as head coverings, shawl, accent pieces, and even as garments. They can be tied, pinned with a piece of jewelry, or secured with specially designed accents.


Ferre scarf ferre ferre



Ferre brand established by Gianfranco Ferre is one of the Italian fashion marvels. Gianfranco Ferre was born in Legnano, he studied at Politecnico di Milano and worked as a Stylistic Director for the luxurious French fashion brand of Dior.  His fashion articles can be purchased worldwide in Ferre boutiques or largest luxurious department stores. Ferre brand is known for the simple and feminine lines in the women apparel.  This brand also has a successful accessories line and offers scarves for men and women.




You can purchase Ferre scarf in silk, silk neck scarves and square silk scarves are one of the most popular accessories. And you can also buy silk and wool scarves for men. The Italian fashion industry is known for the luxurious silk manufacturing expertise and you can obtain silk neck scarf in various colors and prints. The Ferre scarf is certainly among the luxurious scarves available online and if you cannot afford to buy this gorgeous ladies silk scarf right now, you can always wait for the Ferre sales and purchase the same cashmere, wool or silk scarf with a discount.

nt fashion brands as Givenchy and he had been award the title British Designer of the Year for several times.




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