This incredibly beautiful red Hermes silk scarf you can wear as a neck scarf, a belt, head scarf or tied around your bag. This scarve can be worn in a variety of ways: as head coverings, shawl, accent pieces, and even as garments. They can be tied, pinned with a piece of jewelry, or secured with specially designed accents.


Hermes scarf hermes hermes

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Hermes scarf is one of the most luxury silk scarves. Hermes brand is all about luxury and although their main business is producing leather luxury bags, such as Birkin bag or Kelly bag, they have a beautiful square silk scarf line. Hermes scarf can be purchased online and discount Hermes scarf sale is also possible if you know where to look for.




Hermes history dates back to 1837 when Hermes family opened started a leather goods manufacturing business. Their primarily products were saddles and other leather accessories that soon gained recognition of the wealthy and noble people of the time.


Hermes introduced silk scarves in 1937 and Hermes was overseeing the manufacturing process from the beginning to end. They bought Chinese silk, weave it in an exquisite quality fabric (it was two times stronger and durable than other silk scarves) and manually painted these silk scarves with carefully selected designs. The same year Hermes opened a scarf manufacturing plant that was making only the famous silk scarves. The Hermes scarf is a symbol of French luxury and it is a coveted piece of accessory for many silk scarves collectors. Learn more on buying discounted Hermes scarf on Hermes scarves sale.





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